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Beauty Within

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

When it comes to creating a piece of pottery, the familiar image is that of a lone potter sitting at a potter's wheel, and with wet hands and turn of the wheel makes a thing. We don't tend to think pottery as a design object as much as a kind of spontaneously created thing. It just sort of happens. But crafting pottery is all about the elements of design with the application of form and function. It is the imposition of the artist's knowledge upon a material, knowledge gained from years of practice. A design isn't mapped on a page, the intricate complexities involved in making a piece of pottery, live as a blueprint in the head and hands of an experienced practitioner. Design is as much about thinking as it is about planning.

When you purchase a piece of my pottery, what you're getting is an object whose design emerged centuries ago, though altered using techniques I've practiced, and using tools that have changed very little, thus making each thing distinct and individual. I'm proud to be part of that grand lineage. I want anyone who owns my work to know that every object I have created was designed with an eye towards aesthetic beauty, form, and function.

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